Sunday, July 02, 2006

The New Government People Tracking Tool will use DNA Sniffing

In a world where the government is looking for an easy way to track bad guys and criminals, there is research in all kinds of possible tracking people and basically invading their privacy.
There has been tremendous breakthroughs in the biomedical fields in part because of technology and surpringly, perl programming for DNA sequencing and searches.
As computer processors are getting faster and faster, it will not be long before small handheld computers will be able to be preprogrammed with DNA from a suspect or even, a suspects family member and the hand held devices can "sniff out" DNA from surfaces e.g. door handles and even the air in enclosed areas. DNA takes some time to process and once this time can be reduced and processing can be handled with a small device, then watch out for big brother.
With databases now within easy reach (cellphone and satellite), it will be possible to access these databases from basically anywhere.
There are some interesting devices and readings here .