Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Annoying Sales Representatives.

I am sure you have been to bestbuy, circuit city and other stores and everything was good until the sales person tried to sell an extra service, warranty stuff that you really don't need.
I happened to refuse an extra warranty ($200) on my new $800 laptop and the sales guy almost went crazy, he became an annoyance within no time.
I repeated that I did not want the warranty because the product has a manufacturers warranty. But he would not give up, he kept bothering me until he realized I was not going to get the warranty and that is when he started going around the store, talking to other employees.
It got to a point where he even refused to go get me the laptop from storage, his manager ended up doing it. I know I will not go back there (CompUSA).

Every month I also have to go through this: I walk into a cingular store where I usually pay at the paying booth. As soon as I walk in, there is a Bellsouth rep ready to start asking me if I want to bundle my services with them. They want to bundle my phone, internet and directv services. I used to listen to them, then end up declining but now they are really serious, because they insist on asking you for your phone number so that they can tell you how much you could be saving.

I have cable tv, cable modem, and bellsouth(for now) and I don't think I will be switching to bellsouth internet or direct tv. So I came up with an answer to one aggressive Bellsouth rep and told her I have Voip, so that she could just leave me alone. She was not pleased with that answer, she asked how long I have had it and I told her six months and she was quick to say that "yeah six months is about the average time that Voip starts getting bad" ?!! Just another sales rep who is bitter!

The reason I don't buy these extended warranties is because I bought a printer from office max for my job, it quit working after one year and I bought another one with an extended warranty because the sales rep told me that if I had the warranty for the old printer I would have got a new one, she even explained that with the extended warranty it is as easy as just bringing the bad printer in and getting a new one. So I kept my receipts and everything I needed and it just happened that the printer started acting crazy after a year.

When I took it back to office max, they said I have to mail in the printer, register it online and they will send me a gift card! I needed the printer right there and then for my boss. I did not want to go through all this mailing stuff as the sales rep had told me to just bring it for a replacement. So I ended up just going to staples and got a Canon (which we love at work) and mailed in the old printer. They did send us a gift card which we could only spend at OfficeMax.

Warning: stay away from the warranties unless you have extra money to give away. The sales reps get commisions on these warranties and I know some of you will say that is how they make a living but they should be more honest and they know we are suckers when we buy those worthless warranties.

So nowadays, my answers to "would you like to purchase and additional warranty on the product?" is NO because I will be using the product in Canada and to Bellsouth reps, I just tell them I have Voip and it has more services than Bellsouth for a cheaper price! And hope the sales rep will just leave me alone.