Saturday, February 04, 2006

We all know the best way to shop is to compare prices between the merchants. When buying electronics like TV's it is always best to compare prices online then go to your local store to see what the TV's look like, the picture quality and prices.
How do you get the best deal when buying a new digital TV to replace your analog box? First of all you have to make sure the TV have the right inputs and outputs because you don't want to go home and find out that you cannot connect other electronics without an adapter. Then check the picture quality and here Brand names do matter! I know some people believe a TV is a TV but even when at a store like Best Buy, if you look at two Tv's different brands and showing the same picture, there is usually a difference.
Also don't be fooled with the picture showing at the local store as the staff tweak and boost the signals to their display TV's for best effect. Same thing goes for the sound, they have subwoofers and other speakers connected and it sounds great at the store.
So basic minimum requirements: right screen size for your budget, the highest resolution you can afford, pc inputs, HDTV tuner built in, HDMI or DVI input, Cable card built in, digital audio inputs, the usual audio outputs with digital surround, and atleast dolby 5.1, memory card reader. Don't forget to look at the back of the TV to see what goes where and so that you have an idea as to the cables you will need.
I like the Sony projection LCD TV's, and the Samsung DLP Tv's, Sharp Aquos are also good.
Get the best deal by checking out the open box TV's, the prices are usually marked down way below list price. My friend got a 51 inch Hitachi for $750.00 and had been on display.
Checkout Sears, Best Buy, Circuit City and all other local stores before you buy.